As an initiative to improve statistical literacy, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications will begin offering an online data science course titled ``Statistical Open Data that Anyone Can Use'' starting Tuesday, January 2024, 1. We have started recruiting participants from November 16, 2023.

 The data science online course ``Statistical Open Data that Anyone Can Use'' is a course that provides working adults and university students with easy-to-understand explanations of data analysis methods that utilize statistical open data.A data analysis method that utilizes statistical open data using e-Stat, which is a comprehensive portal for government statistics, a geographic information system that allows you to visually understand statistical data provided by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and the Independent Administrative Agency Statistics Center, and API functions. learn. The course began in June 2017, and so far approximately 6 people have taken the course.

 The course is held online for about 1 minutes each, 10 to 5 times (7 week) over 1 weeks, and if you take the confirmation test and final assignment each week and meet the prescribed standards, you will be issued a certificate of completion. Ru.The weekly themes are ``Data analysis using e-Stat,'' ``How to use official statistical data,'' ``Utilization of statistics that can be viewed on maps (jSTAT MAP),'' and ``Advanced use of statistical open data.'' ing.

 The course period this time is from January 2024, 1 (Tuesday) to March 16, 3 (Tuesday).Anyone can register and take the course for free.The content of the course will be the same as the course held in January 19.

Reference: [gacco] Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau Data Science Online Course “Statistical Open Data that Anyone Can Use”

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