In response to the recent spread of wristwatch-type wearable terminals equipped with communication and calculation functions, Kyoto University has announced that it will be prohibited to use each student's watch during the examination from the general entrance examination in February 2016. bottom.

 At Kyoto University, in order to ensure fairness in entrance examinations and prevent fraud such as cheating, from the general entrance examination in February 2016, when the examinees enter the examination venue, they brought their own watches, clocks, etc. We have decided not to allow the use of watches such as smart watches and to put them in a bag.According to Kyoto University, the total ban on personal watches is the first attempt at a national university.

 In addition, instead of prohibiting the use of their own clocks, Kyoto University will spend more than 120 million yen on about 1 test sites and install about 200 radio-controlled clocks.For students who have difficulty seeing the radio-controlled clock, the proctor will individually bring another clock to show the time if requested.We have already conducted the special entrance examination in November 2015, but there was no particular confusion.Behind the prohibition of the use of each person's watch is the rise of smart watches that can communicate with the outside such as Apple Watch, and the Internet question site where examinees use their mobile phones during the entrance examination at Kyoto University in 2011. It is believed that there are fraudulent cases that posted problems and solicited answers.Vice President Masao Kitano said, "We decided to ban all watches in the future, considering that various watches will come out. It is our mission to create an environment where all examinees can take the exam on the same level." ..

 Regarding the carry-on of watches for entrance examinations other than Kyoto University, in the center examination, only the use of wristwatch-type terminals is prohibited from 2015, and in the Keio University SFC campus, the use of watches is prohibited only for in-house examinations. And so on.

Source: [Kyoto University] Bringing in a clock for the entrance examination

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