Mejiro University (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) Department of Media Expression, Faculty of Sociology, Saitama City Election Commission In collaboration with the Association (hereinafter referred to as the Saitama City Election Commission), we will produce an "election enlightenment video that is attractive to young voters."Under the guidance of Norihiro Nishio, students in the second and third grades, including seminar students, will work on this project in this department.

 The Saitama City Election Commission believes that it is effective to use videos created by young people of the same generation with free sensibilities in order to make the younger generation aware of the importance of elections and to vote. Decided to collaborate.
As part of the class, the department conducts program production activities in which the students themselves plan, interview, and edit the program under the guidance of the instructor in charge, and actually distribute the program on YouTube and other media.This collaboration with the city will be a valuable experience for students who are learning about effective communication methods and content production techniques on a daily basis.

 The video is scheduled to be produced with notes on the start of the 18-year-old election right and the method of voting. ), And held a briefing session on video production and election system for student members who produce.From April of the same year, it will be posted on YouTube and used for election enlightenment.
For inquiries regarding this matter, the Saitama City Election Commission will be the contact point.

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