Hokkaido University and the Research Organization of Information and Systems, National Institute of Informatics, have jointly developed a drive recorder service "Drive around-the-corner." Using an iPhone / iPad application. The Corner) ”was announced to have started on February 2016, 2 in Hokkaido, centered on Sapporo City.

 This service allows you to leave a driving record with a video on the smartphone of a car user, collect data of real space (city) from the citizens who are the service user, and collect and utilize the record on the cloud. So, you can share the "now" of the city from the perspective of the citizens.Until now, most dedicated machines had to store data in the internal memory, but since video and sensor data during driving are transferred to the cloud, users do not have to worry about storage capacity etc. You can check the video recorded while driving and your own driving record later on the cloud.In addition, each user "brings" information such as driving speed, road surface conditions, congestion, obstacles, etc., and based on that, collects sensor data to grasp the city conditions and helps other citizens. We will utilize it for services that can be set up.

 In the demonstration experiment conducted this time, it will be possible to collect usage data by providing services that are useful to users, and by utilizing the collected data, a virtuous cycle will be created in which the sophistication of services will be realized. Efforts will be made with an emphasis on motivation to encourage the participation of users.We aim to return the collected data to users and make it widely available for public purposes.

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