The University of Tokyo, the University of Aizu, the Global Communication Center of the International University, and Soramitsu Co., Ltd. will conduct empirical research on local currencies using blockchain technology in the Aizu region from the fall of 2016.

 Blockchain is a mechanism that makes it impossible to falsify data by distributing it to computers scattered all over the world, not in one place, and was devised as a basic technology of Bitcoin (digital currency). What has evolved.It has features such as easy transaction proof by aggregating and consolidating transaction information from the past to the present.

 While blockchain is creating new channels for economic transactions in the form of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, it has the potential to be applied to all types of information distribution such as ledger management and information legitimacy, and various innovations. It is expected to create a standard service.Among them, digital currencies can issue new currencies in various areas including regions, and there is a possibility that new services can be created by combining with functions such as smart contracts (automatically executed contracts).

 The four parties signed a joint research contract on June 4, 2016, and in the demonstration experiment to be conducted from the fall of 6, the University of Tokyo will be in charge of overall supervision, research on economics and institutions, and the University of Aizu will be in charge of research on blockchain technology utilization. It is said that a system that realizes a unique regional currency will be prototyped by dividing roles.

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