Keio University Global Security Research Institute and Hakuhodo (President, Hirokazu Toda, Tokyo), a major advertising agency, have developed a "community experience design card" that is a collection of inspiration for designing experiences and services that utilize local resources. Did.

 According to Keio University, this card is a compilation of the tips necessary to embody experiences and services that make use of local resources, based on successful cases in each region.It is divided into 5 stages: preparation stage before actual service, entrance experience just before this experience, during the experience, exit experience immediately after the end of this experience, and "experience empty-handed" after the experience is over. I am writing on a total of 35 cards such as "Lively Guide".
At the same time, we also developed a workshop program using this card.Through the workshop, it is possible to design experiences that utilize the resources unique to the region.

 Until now, regional promotion measures have been centered on physical resources such as products, natural landscapes, cultural properties, and tourist facilities.However, the physical resources that can be directly utilized for regional development are limited, and people's interests are shifting from the physical resources themselves to the stories and experiential values ​​that accompany them.Therefore, Keio University Global Security Research Institute, led by Professor Masanao Takeyama of the Faculty of Economics, is proceeding with joint research with Hakuhodo to build a methodology for regional promotion that creates new value by combining tangible and intangible resources. Was there.

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