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First in Japan, Yamanashi Prefectural University Graduate School to open a graduate school specializing in child abuse issues in 2024

 The University of Yamanashi Prefecture has been approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology to open a master's program in the Graduate School of Human Welfare Studies, Department of Human Welfare Studies, and will start offering it in 2024.

Kumamoto University starts training teachers to accept and support foreign talent

 Kumamoto University's Graduate School of Education will soon start a training program with the aim of training teachers who can support the acceptance and coexistence of foreign personnel.Global […]

Showa Women's University ranks 645st among women's universities nationwide in three categories: employment, global education, and caring in a survey of 3 universities nationwide that are recommended by career advisors

 Showa Women's University was ranked as ``empowering for employment'' in the 645 survey of ``Universities Recommended by Career Advisors'' conducted by University Communication targeting 2023 preparatory schools nationwide.

Fukuoka University supports the regional transition of junior high school activities; conducts instructor training seminars

 On September 2023, 9, Fukuoka University held instructor training to support the transition of junior high school extracurricular activities to the area at Fukuoka University Second Memorial Hall in Nanakuma, Jonan Ward, Fukuoka City […]

26 people with doctoral degrees will be hired in 2023, including 71 ministries of the country

 Cabinet officials announced that 26 people with doctoral degrees and 2023 people with master's degrees and professional degrees will be hired in 71 by the country's 448 ministries.[…]

Gen Z's job change doubled from 5 years ago, while career building is generalist-oriented Recruit survey

 Recruit Co., Ltd. has compiled a survey on the work attitudes of Generation Z (aged 26 and under).This survey is mainly for the 2022 survey date […]

Chiba University of Commerce signed partnership agreement with Miyagi prefecture on UIJ turn employment support Concluded with all six Tohoku prefectures

 On September 2023, 9, Chiba University of Commerce and Miyagi Prefecture will hold an academic […]

The University of Tokyo signed a partnership agreement with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to develop the University of Tokyo Collaborative Creation Platform

 The University of Tokyo is cosponsoring “Global Innovation with Startup,” a startup support policy promoted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and

``Characteristics of the organization you want to work for'' for 2024 graduates Hope for wet human relations and close communication

 Recruit Co., Ltd.'s Employment Future Research Institute, a research institute that pursues better employment and employment methods, is a research institute that pursues better employment and employment methods.

Temple University, Japan Campus Revamps Professional Training Certificate Course

 Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) has reviewed its “Continuing Education Program” and has issued a professional training certificate […]
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