List of articles of Osaka Institute of Technology

Cooperation agreement with drone operator training, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, etc. for firefighting and disaster prevention

 Nara Institute of Science and Technology and Osaka Institute of Technology, First Person of Software System Development, Kochi City Fire Department, Kochi Prefecture Fire and Disaster Prevention […]

3D printing technology that reproduces even the "sashi" of Japanese beef with cultured meat, developed by Osaka University, etc.

 A research group led by Professor Noriya Matsuzaki of Osaka University Graduate School has developed "3D printed Kintaro candy technology" that can freely reproduce the complex organizational structure of Japanese beef […]

Osaka Institute of Technology establishes selection class to train excellent researchers One-on-one guidance and financial support

 The Department of Mechanical Engineering of Osaka Institute of Technology will set up a new "Research Promotion Class" from students enrolled in 2022.Recent research capabilities of Japan, international […]

Kinki University and Osaka Institute of Technology volunteers hold concerts for middle and high school brass band clubs that have lost their place of presentation

 Volunteer members of the Kinki University brass band club and the Osaka Institute of Technology wind ensemble were in junior high school and high school where concerts and competitions were canceled due to the corona.

The clock of the Skytree observatory advances fast, verified with an optical lattice clock with an error of 1 second in XNUMX billion years

 The joint research group of RIKEN, the University of Tokyo, Geospatial Information Authority of Japan, and Osaka Institute of Technology, in collaboration with Shimadzu Corporation, is an ultra-high-precision portable light with 18-digit accuracy […].

AI performed well at the University of Tokyo pass level in the 2019 Center English Written Exam

 AI (artificial intelligence) jointly developed by NTT and the National Institute of Informatics is out of 2019 points in the English written test of the 200 University Entrance Examination Center Examination […]

Shibaura Institute of Technology Held a symposium on the theme of high school connection reform and quality assurance of university education

 Shibaura Institute of Technology held a symposium on October 2018, 10, with the themes of high school connection reform and quality assurance of university education.

Osaka Institute of Technology, Faculty of Intellectual Property Team participates in "Grand Prix National Finals for Adult Basic Ability Development"

 "2018 Adult Basic Ability Development Grand Prix National Decision […]" held at Takushoku University Bunkyo Campus (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo) on February 2, 20.

5 universities including Osaka Institute of Technology scrum to develop human resources for science and engineering

 The five technical universities of Osaka, Shibaura, Aichi, Hiroshima, and Fukuoka have established the "Polytechnic Institute Summit" with the aim of developing human resources in science and engineering.Also, in Shibaura, Osaka […]
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