List of articles on universities in Gunma prefecture

Crisis intervention manual for students at high risk of suicide, published by Gunma Prefectural Board of Education

 The Gunma Prefectural Board of Education has created a "crisis intervention manual" that summarizes how to deal with students who are at high risk of suicide.Gunma University Graduate School of Medicine […]

El Salvador field survey by Osaka Public University and others to identify high-risk areas for Chagas disease infection

 A research group from the Graduate School of Osaka Public University (Yuko Nitahara and others) and the Graduate School of Gunma University are working with the Ministry of Health of El Salvador and the University of El Salvador […]

Porous carbon adsorbs and removes pathogenic proteins and succeeds in detoxifying enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli O157

 A joint research group of Gunma University and Kureha Corporation has succeeded in detoxifying enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli O157 using porous carbon.

Gunma University crowdfunding with the development of ultra-small artificial heart for children, achieving the target amount

 Crowdfunding, which Gunma University was promoting with the aim of raising development costs for pediatric ultra-small artificial hearts, achieved the target amount of 3,000 million yen […]

Surgery within 24 hours accelerates recovery of paralysis in patients with cervical spinal cord injury

 Gunma University […] that if a patient with a fracture-free cervical cord injury undergoes surgery within 24 hours of the injury, the recovery of paralysis in the limbs will be accelerated.

Succeeded in measuring brain waves when "dazzling!", Joint research by Shizuoka University and others

 Makoto Miyazaki's laboratory at the Faculty of Informatics, Shizuoka University, has received strong light through joint research with Suzuki Co., Ltd. and Jobu University, and feels "dazzling" […].

Konjac flour porridge boiled to reduce triglyceride, discovered by Gunma University

 The research group of Assistant Professor Akihiro Akita, Associate Professor Takaho Kimura, and Professor Masami Murakami of the Center for Food and Health Science Education and Research, Graduate School of Medicine, Gunma University is this […]

Boxer's brain, strengthening motor circuit before the game Gunma University, etc. discovered

 Gunma University, Teikyo University, National Institute for Physiological Sciences, National Institute for Physiological Sciences, Higashi […]

180 omnibus feature films directed by college students, released on YouTube until 10/31

 In early 2020, when the infection of the new coronavirus spread and extracurricular activities were forced to refrain from activities, the Gunma University movie circle became university students nationwide […]

Kayak jointly developed "Brest Entrance Exam" with Takasaki University of Commerce and introduced it in 2021

 Takasaki University of Commerce and KAYAC Inc. jointly collaborate on a training-type new entrance examination that connects the abilities required by society with university education and high school education.