List of award-winning articles

Yasuka Toda, Specially Appointed Lecturer at Meiji University, Wins the 4th Shining Female Researcher Award

 The winners of the 4th Shining Female Researcher Award were decided, and on November 2022, 11, an award ceremony was held at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo.Shining woman […]

Researcher “Aru Aru” Senryu Contest “Senryu in the Lab 2022” Winner Announcement

 On November 2022, 11, Thermo Fisher Scientific Japan Group held a researcher senryu conference on its website […]

Hideki Sato, Lecturer, Department of Contemporary Sociology, Edogawa University, Receives the Grand Prize in the Eco-People Category of the "Eco Test Awards 2022" 

 At Edogawa University, Lecturer Hideki Sato of the Department of Contemporary Sociology, Faculty of Sociology (Specialty: Environmental Policy, Environmentally Conscious Society) was invited to participate in the "[…]

Professor Yanagisawa of University of Tsukuba wins US Breakthrough Prize for sleep research

 The International Integrative Sleep Medicine of the University of Tsukuba, which conducts sleep research, was selected for the Life Science Division of the Breakthrough Award, an international scientific award founded by the founders of Google in the United States.

Awarded 2022 University Startup Venture Award, 8 companies including anti-cancer drug Cordia Therapeutics, Inc.

 The Japan Science and Technology Agency and the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization have decided on the winners of the 2022 University Startup Venture Awards, and the Kyoto Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Prize […]

Chiba University of Commerce Wins International Green Gown Awards 100

 Chiba University of Commerce's efforts to become a "100% renewable energy university" are ideas for realizing an excellent sustainable society for universities around the world […]

IEEE International Award, Associate Professor Fumihiro Inoue of Yokohama National University receives the first Japanese award

 The first Japanese from the Electronics Packaging Society of the IEEE, Yokohama National University Graduate School of Engineering […]

Japan Startup Award 2022, University Startup Award Synspective Inc.

 On June 2022, 6, the Japan Startup Award (formerly […]) is given to companies that have created businesses with social impact that will serve as next-generation role models.

Daito Bunka University won the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award for the internship award chosen by students

 On May 2022, 5, the award ceremony for the 17th Student's Internship Awards was held at the Nikkei Hall in Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.

Toyohashi University of Technology Robocon Club wins NHK Student Robocon 2022 and participates in "ABU Robocon"

 The Toyohashi University of Technology's Robocon Club (team name: Toyohashi ☆ Robocon's) was held on June 2022, 6 (Sunday), "NHK Studies […]
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