List of articles in the university library

Osaka University shortens library opening hours due to soaring utility costs until the end of the academic year

 Affected by soaring utility costs, Osaka University has begun shortening the opening hours of three of its four libraries.Until now, we have been trying to save electricity during the summer holidays […]

Provided 5 pieces of content from 1,200 domestic publishers to the Waseda and Keio Japanese book digitization consortium

 Waseda University Library and Keio University Media Center partnered with Kinokuniya Bookstore in May to establish a consortium to promote the digitization of Waseda and Keio Japanese books.

Jissen Women's University, high school girls and examinees open the university library for free until December 12th

 Jissen Women's University and Jissen Women's University Junior College began to open the Hino and Shibuya campus libraries free of charge in June 2022.High school or pre-[…]

Kanagawa University Library Reopened Electronic Resources and Materials for Yokohama and Kanagawa

 Kanagawa University reopened the university library on April 2022, 4. Founded 5 […] as part of future plans for the 100th anniversary

A collection of interview records of teachers in Futaba District, Fukushima Prefecture, which conveys educational activities immediately after 3.11.

 Literacy Lab, a general incorporated association that has been involved in educational reconstruction projects in Fukushima Prefecture, received a grant from the Nippon Foundation and received the Great East Japan Earthquake and the nuclear disaster […].

The Japan Association of Private Universities explains to the Japan Society of Library and Information Studies on the proposal for library reform

 A statement to the Japan Society of Library and Information Science that the Japan Association of Private Universities has announced a drastic reform of university libraries in the policy proposal announced in July […]

Kunitachi College of Music introduces Henle's digital sheet music service First in Japan

 Kunitachi College of Music is a digital sheet music service "Henle Library […] operated by Henle, which has a reputation for the original version of piano sheet music.

Dokkyo University opens library for high school and preparatory school students 8 / 3-9 / 22

 Dokkyo University will open the library for high school and preparatory school students from August 2021rd to September 8nd, 3 during the summer vacation.

National Institute of Informatics renews academic information system for university libraries for the first time in 36 years

 The National Institute of Informatics has begun rebuilding the catalog location information service for the digitization of academic materials.Academic information system printing for university libraries […]

University library material costs in 2019 increased by 1 million yen compared to the previous year

 According to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the cost of materials for national university libraries in 2019 increased by 1 million yen compared to the previous year, and turned from a prolonged downward trend to an increase […].
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