Waseda University Library and Keio University Media Center partnered with Kinokuniya Bookstore in May to establish the Waseda-Keio Japanese Book Digitization Promotion Consortium. About 5 pieces of content were provided.

 According to Waseda University, content was provided by Iwanami Shoten, Kodansha, Kobunsha, Shokabo, and Nippon Hyoronsha.The Waseda-Keio Japanese Book Digitization Promotion Consortium is working with other publishers to increase the number of e-books that can be used in libraries.

 Since 2010, which was said to be the first year of e-books, the number of e-books available in domestic university libraries has increased and currently exceeds 12.However, compared to foreign books, which have access to more than 195 million items, Japanese books are lagging behind.

 Books for the general public are increasingly converted to e-books at the same time as they are published on paper, but highly specialized books for academic institutions such as university libraries take time to go from being published on paper to being converted to e-books. are common, are available for personal use only, and may not be available for purchase in university libraries.

 In addition, there are issues for use, such as restrictions on the number of simultaneous accesses, inability to download, lack of data quality and accuracy when searching e-books in university library search systems, and lack of options such as subscriptions that meet the needs of universities. remains.

 Waseda University Library Director Laurie Gay commented, "I hope that this will lead to further advances in the conversion of Japanese books into electronic books."

reference:[Waseda University] Launch of the Waseda-Keio Japanese Book Digitization Promotion Consortium

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