Article list of special course

Kyoto University, recruiting students for 1 experience-based science course "ELCAS" for high school 2st and 2022nd students

 Kyoto University has begun recruiting new students for the hands-on science course "ELCAS" for high school students, which is being held as part of high school connection and high school collaboration activities […]

Tokiwa University, Ibaraki Prefecture staff and members of the Diet serve as lecturers for local government collaboration course "local government management theory"

 In the Department of Law and Administration of the Faculty of Policy Management at Tokiwa University, local governments that are in charge of policy and administrative execution at the forefront of Ibaraki Prefecture and the prefecture's local governments (9 local governments) […]

Nippon Institute of Technology holds science school in chemistry, environment, and biotechnology for junior and senior high school students on July 7

 On Wednesday, July 2021, 7, the Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Fundamental Engineering, Nippon Institute of Technology is unique to the Department of Chemistry, Environment, and Biotechnology for junior and senior high school students […]

Showa Women's University holds special lecture to commemorate the 100th anniversary of its founding

 Showa Women's University commemorates the 100th anniversary of its founding with a special lecture on the theme of career, global, and health, "The Future and Vision of Showa Women's University […]

Kanazawa Seiryo University's original program for passing the professional exam, the number of successful applicants exceeded 100

 Kanazawa Seiryo University is a passing program "CDP (Career Development […]" for students aiming for professional profession such as civil servants, teachers, and tax accountants.

How to do moral education The 7th course for high school teachers is held at Reitaku University

 At a prefectural high school in Chiba prefecture, "time to learn morals" has become compulsory, and it is now in its seventh year. Since the start of 7, lesson design and how to proceed […]

End the gold seal authenticity controversy!20th Anniversary Open Lecture at Meiji University Liberty Academy

 Meiji University's lifelong learning institution "Meiji University Liberty Academy" will commemorate the 2019th anniversary of its founding on October 10, 5, and will hold an extension course "National Treasure [...]".

Tokyo University of Science introduces newspaper reporter education to students aiming for teaching profession

 Tokyo University of Science will introduce a newspaper reporter education program developed by The Mainichi Newspapers to students who wish to become teachers.The logic required of newspaper reporters […]

Saitama Institute of Technology invites directors and production teams who are active in the front lines of video production to give a special lecture

 Saitama Institute of Technology Faculty of Human and Social Studies will hold a collaborative lecture between the Department of Information Sociology and the Department of Psychology, which was well received both inside and outside the university in 2018 […]

Launch of hybrid rocket produced by high school students at Chiba Institute of Technology

 Chiba Institute of Technology has been holding "Rocket Girl & Boy Training Course 2018" from June 2018.High school students design rocket […]
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