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"It's okay to fit in." Kobe City University of Foreign Studies will hold a lecture on November 11th for high school students aiming to enter international universities.

 On Saturday, November 2023, 11, Kobe City University of Foreign Studies will hold a lecture by graduates titled “The Outside World […]

Temple University Japan Campus now has over 3 undergraduate students, an increase of more than 70% from three years ago; affordable tuition may also be the reason

 Temple University Japan Campus (TUJ) announced that the number of undergraduate students for the fall 2023 semester exceeded 2,100 for the first time […]

New global education practiced by Kansai University of Foreign Studies Establishment of the "International Japanese Studies" to nurture human resources who connect Japan with the world

In April 2024, Kansai University of Foreign Studies will open the Department of International Japanese Studies in the Faculty of Foreign Studies and the Department of Future Career English in the Junior College. April 4 “International […]

About 2022 foreign students in 4, strongly affected by the corona disaster

 As of May 2022, 5, the number of foreign students studying at 1 universities belonging to the Japan Private Universities Association has decreased slightly from the same period last year to 123 […]

Showa Women's University's ``actual employment rate'' of 2022 graduates increased year-on-year to 94.6% Top 3 women's universities nationwide

 In the “2023 Actual Employment Rate Ranking” announced by University News on July 7, 21, Showa Women’s University has more than 2022 graduates […]

Konan University to Establish “Global Liberal Arts Interdisciplinary Program” in April 2024

 Konan University is preparing to open in April 2024, "Global Liberal Arts Interdisciplinary".

DISCO Survey on Career Awareness and Job Hunting of Japanese International Students Studying at Overseas Universities

 DISCO Co., Ltd. conducted a survey of regular international students, exchange students, and dispatched students studying at overseas universities about their views on careers and job hunting activities.Research versus […]

SHIBUYA109 lab. surveyed Generation Z about overseas attitudes, more than half of them "have no intention of studying abroad"

 SHIBUYA109 lab., a youth marketing agency operated by SHIBUYA109 Entertainment Co., Ltd., has 15 […]
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