List of articles on private universities

Enrollment capacity shortage at private universities hits record high of 47.5%, expanding in rural areas

 According to a survey by the Japan Private School Promotion and Mutual Aid Agency, 2022% of private universities have fewer students than their capacity in 47.5 […]

Yield rate of private universities continues to decline, general selection in 2021 falls below 2%

 The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology publishes various aggregated data on universities, including the School Basic Survey.Among them, the selection of applicants for national, public and private universities […]

The number of private university applicants for the 2022 entrance examination has increased in reaction to last year, and some universities have nearly tripled.

The 2022 entrance examination is approaching the middle stage, and the trends of applicants can be seen to some extent at both national and public universities and private universities.The actual number of university applicants has decreased […]

Waseda University has the highest number of private school grants in 2020, followed by Nihon University and Keio University

 The amount of subsidies for ordinary expenses (private school subsidies) for private universities in 2020 reached approximately 3,078 billion yen, which is the Japan Private School Promotion and Mutual Aid Project […]

2021 student payments for private universities, a slight increase from the previous year to 148 million yen

 The total amount paid for the first year per person, including the experimental training fee for new students who advanced to private universities in 2021, is 1 […], which is 0.2% higher than the previous year.

4% of 46.4-year private universities with "less than capacity" surveyed by Japan Private School Promotion and Mutual Aid Corporation

 The Japan Private School Promotion and Mutual Aid Corporation has implemented a school law for private universities, junior colleges, and graduate schools (excluding schools established by corporations) nationwide […]

2021 university entrance exams, the number of applicants in metropolitan areas is decreasing from rural areas

 According to the Cabinet Office's summary, the number of university applicants in the three major metropolitan areas such as the Tokyo area has decreased significantly compared to the rural areas in the 2021 university entrance examination.especially […]

The number of applicants for the second term entrance examination at private universities has decreased sharply, and the number has decreased further due to the shift to comprehensive selection at national and public universities.

Many media have already reported on the results of the 2021 entrance examination.Increased average score of common test for university admission, difficulty […]

First year student payments for private universities in 2019, totaling 146 yen

 On December 2020, 12, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology announced the average amount of first-year student payments for students enrolled in the daytime club of private universities in the first year of Reiwa (25) ([…]

Private University School of Medicine, Kanazawa Medical University and Kinki University apply for capacity increase, 2021

 The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has revealed that Kanazawa Medical University and Kinki University, which are private universities, have applied for an increase in the capacity of the medical school since 2021. 20 […]
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