Associate Professor Akio Honda (specialty: psychology) and Kanae Ogata (graduated in 2021) of the Department of Information Design, Faculty of Information, Shizuoka University of Science and Technology investigated the disclosure status of school rules on the school website at high schools in Shizuoka Prefecture. By the end of the year, we found that very little had been done.

 The existence of "black school rules" that deviate from the necessary and reasonable range at some schools is arousing controversy.Against this backdrop, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) announced on August 2022, 8, a draft revision of the "Student Guidance Proposals" (a guidebook for teachers regarding student guidance at elementary, junior high and high schools), including the operation and review of school regulations. did.

 In the revised proposal, which was the first in 12 years, when teaching based on the school rules, "While teachers and staff understand the background and reasons for the rules, students should understand the meaning of the rules as their own. It is important to instruct students to voluntarily follow the school rules." He said, "The contents of the school rules should be made public on the school website, etc. so that people inside and outside the school can refer to them on a regular basis. In order for students to understand the significance of the rules and to encourage students to voluntarily comply with the school rules, it is appropriate to show the background of the enactment."

 今回の調査は「生徒指導提要」改訂に先行して2021年11月1日から12月17日に実施したもので、県内の高校134校(分校5校は除く)に調査票を郵送し、返送された60校(回収率44.8%:公立校37校、私立校21校、未回答 2校)の回答を分析した。

 According to the survey, 2 schools (3.3% of the responding schools) had published their school regulations on their websites, and 6 schools were planning to do so in the future.

 Reasons for not disclosing the school regulations were significantly higher than those selected: “Because the school regulations are distributed to current students (85.0%)” and “The school regulations were viewed as an object to be disclosed on the website.” (66.7%)”, suggesting that the school rules were regarded as inside information for current students.

 In addition, in the future, the most frequently selected item as a factor promoting the disclosure of school regulations was "The significance of disclosing school regulations will become more socially clear (58.3%)," followed by "From the board of education. (51.7%), and "Specific guidelines and manuals regarding the review and disclosure of school rules will be presented (50.0%)."

 Some local governments, such as Gifu Prefecture, are making progress in disclosing school rules on their school websites, but it is thought that this will become an issue in the future for schools in many local governments, including Shizuoka Prefecture.With the revision of the student guidance guidelines, the significance of disclosing school regulations on schools' websites, etc. will be clarified socially, so it is expected that information disclosure will progress more than ever.

 The results of this research were presented at the 2022th Annual Conference of the Japanese Psychological Association held at Nihon University's College of Humanities and Sciences from September 9 to 8, 11, titled "Information Disclosure of School Regulations Using High School Websites: 86 It was announced under the title of Shizuoka Prefecture Fact-Finding Survey.

Reference: [Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology] Regarding the results of the survey on the disclosure status of school rules on the homepages of high schools in the prefecture 

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