Chiba Institute of Technology held a joint class with Shisui Town in Inba District, Chiba Prefecture, and Keisei Electric Railway, and the students who took the class created posters to promote Shisui Town. It will be posted at 3 stations on the Keisei Line.

 Shisui Town was created by the merger of 22 towns and villages when the town and village system was implemented in 16. It is said to be the ``oldest town in Japan'' and has never been merged since then. In the class, which is an industry-government-academia collaboration between Chiba Institute of Technology, Shisui Town, and Keisei Electric Railway, from September to December 2023, students from across grades and departments visited Shisui Town's historic sites, local industries, commercial facilities, etc. Actually visit. We conducted a marketing survey regarding the strengths and appeals felt there. I put together the concept and catchphrase for the poster.

 During the class, in addition to group work among students, we also held Q&A sessions and presentations with Shisui Town staff and Keisei Electric Railway employees, allowing students to consider opinions from various angles such as their department, age, and origin. After developing the concept, the poster embodies the charm of Shisui Town.

 The completed poster aims to celebrate the 135th anniversary of Shisui Town's establishment as a town and to increase the number of visitors to Shisui Town. Notices will be posted at all stations on the Keisei Line (excluding 61 stations) from late February to late April. Also, from April, notices are scheduled to be posted at public facilities in Shisui Town.

Reference: [Chiba Institute of Technology] <Chiba Institute of Technology x Shisui Town x Keisei Electric Railway> Classes will be held through industry-government-academia collaboration - Shisui Town PR posters created by students will be displayed at 61 stations on the Keisei Line -

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