For three days from February 2016th to 2th, 17, Professor Akane Okubo of the Faculty of Business Administration, Tokoha University (Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture) and seminar students will work in Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture for the activities of the "Otsukaishi Corps". Visit the city.The project, which started as a reconstruction aid for the Great East Japan Earthquake, is working on the concept of "university students experiencing, listening to, and communicating Fukushima," and this is the fifth time.As for the content of the activity, we went to the site where the damage of rumors is still continuing, and with the cooperation of NPO Material Plaza (Aizuwakamatsu City), we bought the products while listening to the producers and "supporting Fukushima by consumption". We will deliver products to people in Shizuoka prefecture who want to know "I want to know Fukushima" along with a report on the current situation of Fukushima.

 Seminar students started preparations around the summer of 2015.The activities were divided into an experience group that visited local producers and listened to stories about the pre-earthquake and current harvest conditions, and a tourist resort survey group that conducted hearings at tourist facilities.
The purchased products are sold in three different courses.In addition to the Japanese sake set "Aizu and Kitakata no Megumi" (3 yen) made in a historic sake brewery, the set of fresh vegetables and Aizu local chicken "Hasegawa Sanchi and Mishimaya Sanchi" (5,000 yen), the tourism research team We have prepared a "Fukushima lucky bag" (5,000 yen) packed with attractive gems such as Kitakata ramen selected by students.

 Professor Okubo said, "I would like to continue this support activity from the perspective of tourism. The students have been passed down from seniors to juniors and are reliable," said the students who finished their visit.In addition, Takumi Otsuka, a third-year student who served as the leader, said, "This is my second time to participate. I want to spread this activity as much as possible, support Fukushima, and prevent the memory of the Great Earthquake from being forgotten."

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