Yokohama City University will hold a medical management / policy industry-academia-government collaboration course with the aim of solving problems in modern medical management and developing human resources.The faculty members of the Graduate School of International Management, the Graduate School of Data Science, and the Graduate School of Medicine serve as lecturers, and they will be used not only as a place for training human resources who are familiar with medical management, but also as a place for supporting regional medical care.

 According to Yokohama City University, the initiative to promote is to produce medical management personnel who can solve regional issues based on evidence such as data analysis by holding open lectures for working adults.In addition, the instructors are planning to support the management of hospitals and long-term care facilities, support local governments through regional medical cooperation, and build a platform that enables joint development through industry-academia collaboration.

 The trial period will be from July to March 7, and will continue thereafter.It will be used as a base for the two affiliated hospitals of Yokohama City University, the satellite office in the city center, and the medical management project laboratory.

 To commemorate the opening of the course, an opening commemorative symposium will be held on August 8 using the online conference app "ZOOM".Yuta Tenshin, Policy Medical Promotion Officer, Medical Management Support Division, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, "Future Outlook for Medical Policy", Hideaki Ikeshima, Executive Director of Yokohama City Hospital Association, "Future Outlook for Medical Management", Tadashi Takahashi, President of Japan Hospice Holdings After giving a lecture entitled "Expectations through Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration", we will have a discussion.

reference:[Yokohama City University] We will open a "Medical Management / Policy Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Course" with the aim of solving problems and developing human resources in modern medical management! (PDF)

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The open, international, and enterprising academic style that is suitable for the opening of the country and port of Yokohama is still inherited as a tradition of Yokohama City University, and has produced many excellent human resources with practical skills."Wings from Yokohama to the world […]" to disseminate the results of advanced research and advanced medical care as a place for human education that cultivates rich culture, humanity, and ethics.

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