The "Advertising Medicine Project" promoted by Associate Professor Takanori Takebe of Yokohama City University Graduate School of Medicine and Dentsu Co., Ltd. is a three-pronged project "Another Steps" that allows you to enjoy health promotion in collaboration with Yokohama City and young artists. Announced that "Theatrical Quest" and "Sora" have been started.

 The "Advertising Medicine Project" is a project to study ways to naturally motivate health behavior by incorporating advertising perspectives such as art, design, and copywriting into medical communication methods.One of the started projects, "Another Steps," focuses on going up and down stairs, which is easy to do and has a high exercise effect.A health staircase where researchers who work in the lab all day can get real-time weather information of 50 countries around the world on the way up and down the stairs, and encourage them to "want to climb up". It was installed in the Advanced Medical Science Research Building in April 2016, and will be deployed at the Kanazawa Hakkei Campus in the future.

 "Theatrical Quest" is an experience project that focuses on patient rehabilitation.Prototype of "Theatrical Quest Illusion Rehabilitation Edition" in which the patient explores the hospital with the "Book of Adventure" in one hand.Patients can enjoy walking from the rooftop to the parking lot according to the scenario options, and can be expected to promote rehabilitation. In fiscal 2016, we are considering expanding to Kanazawa Ward and other areas.

 "Sora" is an effort to energize patients by projecting the animated work "Sora" by contemporary art artist Asae Soya on the wall of the pediatrics waiting room at the University Hospital.This is part of the "Cheerful Wall" project to invigorate patients during the waiting time for medical examinations and examinations in hospitals, and aims to establish a method that will reduce the waiting time and burden during treatment through the project.

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The open, international, and enterprising academic style that is suitable for the opening of the country and port of Yokohama is still inherited as a tradition of Yokohama City University, and has produced many excellent human resources with practical skills."Wings from Yokohama to the world […]" to disseminate the results of advanced research and advanced medical care as a place for human education that cultivates rich culture, humanity, and ethics.

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