Ashikaga University Educational Corporation announced that it will stop recruiting students for Ashikaga Junior College from 2025.

 Since its opening in 1979, Ashikaga Junior College has been based on the founding spirit of "Iwa Tameki", its educational philosophy is based on the teachings of Mahayana Buddhism, and its practice is "Japanese face love language". She has been working to develop local childcare personnel for many years. To date, we have produced 45 graduates from the Children's Department (formerly the Early Childhood Education Department), 3975 from the Nursing Department (formerly the Nursing Department), and 844 from the majors. The school has contributed to the local community through student volunteer activities and public lectures.

 However, due to the decline in the 18-year-old population and the increasing desire to attend four-year universities, the university judged that it would be difficult to secure students in the future, and decided to suspend recruitment.

 From now on, we will do our best to provide educational activities and career support to new and current students, so that they can have a fulfilling student life. In addition, the issuance of various certificates after graduation and various alumni association activities will be taken over and handled within the school corporation.

 Ashikaga Junior College Affiliated High School and Ashikaga Junior College Affiliated Kindergarten will continue to operate with a name change (planned).

Reference: [Ashikaga Junior College] Regarding suspension of student recruitment at Ashikaga Junior College

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