On February 2024, 2, the Noboru Saijo Seminar of the Department of Mass Communication, Faculty of Media and Communication, Edogawa University will hold an event called ``Walking with Professor Noboru Saijo: Where Japanese Rock and Idols were Born,'' consisting of a special lecture and a walk tour planned by students. ``Machi~in Hibiya'' was held.

 “Walking with Professor Noboru Saijo: The City Where Japanese Rock and Idols were Born ~ in Hibiya” is a student-led event in which Saijo seminar students planned, operated, created websites and flyers, publicized the event, and recorded videos. .

 The event was attended by 20 general participants. After Professor Saijo gave a special lecture in the seminar room of the Hibiya Library and Culture Museum, we visited the ruins of the Japanese Theater, the Hibiya Sanshin Building, where Watanabe Productions was founded, and the Western Carnival, the predecessor event of the Nichigeki Western Carnival. '' was held, the prestigious jazz cafe ``Ginza Tennessee'', the live spot ``Young Mates'' managed by Watanabe Productions, the entertainment production company ``Toyo Kikaku'', and more. It took about an hour and a half to visit the places where the children were born.

 A student from Saijo Seminar said, ``Listening to the teacher's knowledge and stories about Japanese idols of the time, I was able to say ``Wow!'' and I think it was a fun event.Last year's 10 Starting from January, each group worked together, giving their opinions and helping each other as they worked toward the day. I was happy that we were able to accomplish this as a whole in the seminar, and it was a great experience." (Mr. Kazama, 3rd year student) ), ``After the event, I was filled with a sense of accomplishment because I spent all of my time during the second half of the seminar preparing.I was happy that so many people participated, and I received a lot of feedback from all the participants. I myself was able to learn a lot through this event, such as listening to other stories.'' (Mr. Shiiki, 3rd year student) commented that he was filled with a sense of fulfillment that the event was a success.

Reference: [Edogawa University] Department of Mass Communication, Noboru Saijo Seminar holds “Walking with Professor Noboru Saijo: The city where Japanese rock and idols were born ~ in Hibiya”

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