List of articles on human resources development

First in Japan, Yamanashi Prefectural University Graduate School to open a graduate school specializing in child abuse issues in 2024

 The University of Yamanashi Prefecture has been approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology to open a master's program in the Graduate School of Human Welfare Studies, Department of Human Welfare Studies, and will start offering it in 2024.

Kumamoto University starts training teachers to accept and support foreign talent

 Kumamoto University's Graduate School of Education will soon start a training program with the aim of training teachers who can support the acceptance and coexistence of foreign personnel.Global […]

Nippon Institute of Technology Selected for Ministry of the Environment's "Training for Promoting the Introduction of Regional Renewable Energy and Developing Regional Core Human Resources"

 Nippon Institute of Technology is participating in a training program sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment, "Reiwa 4 […]

CFA Society Japan Holds “Ethics Challenge 2023,” the Only Competition in the Financial Industry in Japan

 On June 2023th (Sun) and 6th (Sun), 11, the CFA Society of Japan will hold a competition for ethical judgments in the financial industry by undergraduate and graduate students […]

``Japan's only Buddhist technical university'' Saitama Institute of Technology to hold short-term overseas leadership training in Vietnam and India in August

 The Saitama Institute of Technology Career Support Center plans to move to Vietnam in 2023 in order to strengthen overseas leadership training through short-term study abroad in Asia.

Temple University, Japan Campus officially introduces eSports program, establishes university national team

 Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) has introduced an esports program in its undergraduate program, and from May 2023, esports completion certificates […]

Tokyo Polytechnic University Drone Science Study Group started activities as a registered training institution for obtaining a national license for drones

 The Tokyo Polytechnic University Drone Science Research Group is a branch school of the Advanced Technology Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Training Center (AUTC) […]

Kanazawa Seiryo University, students of the Department of Sports support the operation of the local “Muddy Athletic Meet”

 On April 2023, 4, at the “Dorinko Sports Festival 23” (sponsored by NPO Club Pot) held in the paddy field before rice planting in Futamata-cho, Kanazawa […]

SS-F Young Researcher Development Program, Assistant Professor Sasaki of Tohoku University Becomes First Program

 The Stellar Science Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports scientific research, trains young researchers who will lead the next generation […]

Waseda University's recurrent program "Smart SE" received the highest rank of S in the ex-post evaluation by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

 The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) supports the “formation of information technology human resource development bases that support growth fields (enPiT) enPiT-Pro program *” […]
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