Yokohama National University will open the Shonan Health Innovation Park on November 2023, 11 in order to promote health technology research, demonstrate experiments, human resource development activities, and co-create activities with stakeholders in order to form a cutting-edge center for health innovation. ``YNU Shin-Shonan Co-Creation Campus'' was established within the university.

 YNU Shin-Shonan Co-Creation Campus hosts healthcare events, medical-engineering collaborative research activities at the Next Generation Health Technology Research Center of the Institute for Advanced Academic Studies, local problem training for the minor program, and ROUTE (undergraduate students participate in science and engineering research). We will carry out projects where students can participate in cutting-edge research. It also serves as a base for co-creation activities with various stakeholders in the New Shonan region (Muraoka, Fujisawa City, Fukasawa, Kamakura City, and surrounding areas), and as an activity base for the JST Co-Creation Space Formation Support Program (COI-NEXT). .

 Shonan Health Innovation Park (abbreviation: Shonan i-Park) is the former Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited Shonan Research Institute that was rebuilt in April 2018, with five 4-story buildings and an entrance building lined up on a site of approximately 22 m2. . Approximately half of the buildings on the site are used as Takeda Pharmaceutical's research institute, and other tenants include research facilities for pharmaceuticals, drug discovery, next-generation medicine, cell agriculture, research and development support, research equipment/medical equipment, etc. . The University of Tokyo and Okayama University are already participating as members, but Yokohama National University will be the second university to move in as a laboratory, following Tokyo Medical and Dental University. Around 10, Muraoka New Station (tentative name) on the JR Tokaido Line is scheduled to open adjacent to the campus.

 Yokohama National University has five faculties and six graduate schools located in Tokiwadai, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama City, where faculty members with diverse expertise gather to promote advanced education and research. Additionally, we are expanding satellite campuses to play a central role in creating regional innovation, starting with the Shin-Shonan Co-creation Campus. Through these activities, we aim to become an ``integrated university of knowledge'' that contributes to ``the creation of innovation and the development of science and technology.''

Reference: [Yokohama National University] Yokohama National University establishes New Shonan Co-Creation Campus with the aim of creating new innovation through regional collaboration (PDF)

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