Okayama University's Department of General Technology operates as a satellite school of TC College, whose secretariat is Tokyo Institute of Technology, in order to strengthen and promote the training of highly specialized technical staff. In 2023, we are offering the ``TC College Medical Engineering Course'' on a trial basis, and on December 12th and 18th, we held an intermediate curriculum called ``19D Printer Training (Basic).''

 TC College is a program for developing advanced human resources for technical staff that began in 2021 at Tokyo Institute of Technology, and is a system that certifies technical staff with high technical and research planning skills as technical conductors (TC). Okayama University is also participating, with the aim of trialling a ``medical engineering course'' in 2023 and full-scale operation from 2024.

 The ``3D printer training (basic)'' held this time was held at the Faculty of Engineering Craft Center on the Tsushima Campus. Technical staff assigned to the Craft Center of the Design, Manufacturing and Social Infrastructure Technology Division of the General Technology Department served as instructors, and the curriculum was implemented using two 2D printers (PartPro3xT and Markfoged X300) installed at the Craft Center.

 On the first day, after a classroom lecture on basic knowledge such as how 1D printers work, participants created 3D data using modeling software in the programming room on the second floor of the craft center, and practiced outputting it using PartPro2xT. On the second day, we created 3D data using a different modeling software than the first day, and practiced outputting it using Markfoged X300.

 In addition, in order to consider joint curriculum implementation from next year onward, the person in charge of the Yamaguchi University TC College Satellite ``Information Technology Course'' and the person in charge of the Tokyo Institute of Technology Information Technology Course also participated online and exchanged opinions.

 Regarding this curriculum, Norihito Sato, Deputy Director and Vice President, URA, who serves as General Manager of the General Technology Headquarters, said that 3D printer technology is rapidly advancing and is increasingly being used in daily education and research activities in the academic world. Therefore, he commented that the entire university will strategically advance the advancement of technical staff.

 On January 1nd, Okayama University's Faculty of General Technology held a symposium titled ``Past, Present, and Future of Building Technical Staff Organizations through Team Sharing'' to discuss the organization and career development of technical staff. In April 22, Okayama University organized 2023 technical staff and launched the "Comprehensive Technology Department" in order to strengthen its research capabilities.The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and three universities ( Together with Tokyo Institute of Technology, Yamaguchi University, and University of the Ryukyus, we discussed the organization's processes, innovations, challenges, and developments from its inception to the present.

Reference: [Okayama University] TC College Medical Engineering Course Intermediate Curriculum ``3D Printer Training (Basic)'' implemented - Second medical-engineering collaboration curriculum to strengthen the ability and technical improvement of technical staff -
Symposium: “Past, present, and future of building a technical staff organization through team sharing”

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