The "Industry-Academia Collaboration Matching Fair in the Field of Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and Big Data", which aims to match researchers from universities with excellent research seeds in the fields of artificial intelligence, IoT, and big data, will be held on February 2018, 2. It will be held at the Kawasaki City Industrial Promotion Center on Sunday.No entry fee.

 We will exhibit nationwide with excellent research seeds such as cutting-edge artificial intelligence engine and quantum annealing technology, smart agri using AI and IoT, smart energy, preventive medicine, micro generator for IoT devices, etc. 24 researchers from research institutions such as universities.

 The exhibitor, Professor Sato Sato of the Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering, The University of Electro-Communications, is promoting "urban agriculture" that creates green spaces on the rooftops and balconies of buildings and provides cultivation and harvesting as a pleasure.We have introduced a sensor control system that utilizes IoT technology for hydroponics, and we are growing crops while monitoring and managing the growing environment with smartphones and the like.It is said that this technology can be installed at low cost in various buildings such as elementary schools, hospitals, facilities for the elderly, and office buildings.

 In addition, Professor Kaoru Sakatani of Nihon University College of Engineering and Medical School has developed a technology to judge the risk of dementia and MCI with high accuracy by analyzing blood test data with artificial intelligence technology.We are aiming to contribute to preventive medical care for dementia by making it easy to use the blood test data obtained from regular medical examinations of companies as it is.

 At the event, a seminar by exhibiting researchers and a "Kawasaki Industry-Academia-Government Network Exchange Meeting" will be held at the same time, with four lectures on the theme of "Tips for entering new businesses that can be understood from the field of industry-academia-medical-engineering collaboration."Exhibitions and seminars are held from 4:13 to 00:17, and exchange meetings are held from 00:17 to 15:18.Those who wish to participate need to apply in advance.

reference:[Industry-academia collaboration matching fair in the fields of artificial intelligence, IoT, and big data] Outline of the event

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