List of articles on regional revitalization

Tohoku University and Akita International University Partnership Agreement for Mutual Courses and Joint Research

 Tohoku University and Akita International University have campuses in the Tohoku region.

11 National Universities in Kyushu/Okinawa form ``Kyushu-Okinawa Open University''

 11 national universities in the Kyushu and Okinawa regions, including Kyushu University, exchanged a memorandum of understanding for collaboration to improve research capabilities.The declining research capacity of Japan is a big problem […]

Exchange meeting between Rikejo and companies representing Kyoto will be held at Kansai University on March 3

 On March 2023, 3 (Friday), Kyoto Prefecture, with the cooperation of Kansai University, will invite female university students and graduate students from science to represent Kyoto, such as Kyocera and Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. […]

Third-year university teacher recruitment exam to be implemented in Fukui Prefecture from 3

 With the shortage of teachers nationwide becoming more serious, the Fukui Prefectural Board of Education has allowed third-year university students to take the teacher recruitment exam to be held in 2023 […]

Shizuoka University and Hamamatsu University School of Medicine are integrated, and the Association for Promoting Restructuring is established.

 In response to the difficult issue of integrating Shizuoka University and Hamamatsu Medical University into one corporation, the Kisei Alliance was launched with the aim of realizing an early reorganization under the leadership of Hamamatsu City […]

Tokiwa University, Department of Business Administration holds a debriefing session on "Mito City's new hometown tax return gift development project"

 At Tokiwa University, on January 2023, 1, the major subject of the Department of Business Administration, "Marketing Practice," was tackled in the fall semester.

Internships held for new 1st and 2nd year students at local universities Recruitment in Okayama City, Higashi Osaka City, Mito City/Hitachi City for the first year

 Skill Project Co., Ltd., which promotes job hunting support for new graduates, attends four-year universities in Okayama City, Higashiosaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture, and Hitachi City […]

Appointed as a teacher in the third year of university, special selection from 3 in Yokohama City

 The Yokohama City Board of Education will set up a special selection system for third-year students recommended by the university for the 2023 elementary school teacher employment exam.Informal appointment time for teachers […]

Tokiwa University Business Department, "SME management theory" special lecture by SME managers in Ibaraki Prefecture

 Tokiwa University has signed a partnership agreement with the Ibaraki Small and Medium Enterprise Global Promotion Organization (hereinafter referred to as the Global Organization), and the Department of Business Administration has […]
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