List of articles on regional revitalization

The University of Tokyo signs regional partnership agreement with Kumamoto Prefecture to promote semiconductor human resources development, etc.

 The University of Tokyo and Kumamoto Prefecture have formed a regional collaboration that focuses on the development of semiconductor human resources, regional development through the social implementation of cutting-edge knowledge, and exchanges between junior high and high school students and University of Tokyo faculty.

Produced PR posters in collaboration with Chiba Institute of Technology, Shisui Town, and Keisei Electric Railway, displayed at 61 stations on the Keisei Line, etc.

 Chiba Institute of Technology held a joint class with Shisui Town in Inba District, Chiba Prefecture, and Keisei Electric Railway, and the students who took the class promoted Shisui Town […]

Fukuoka University launches new education program to resolve semiconductor talent shortage

 The Department of Electronics and Information Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Fukuoka University will launch the ``Semiconductor Engineering Education Program,'' the department's unique certification system. National shortage of semiconductor human resources […]

Shizuoka Prefecture announces basic plan for establishing Japan's first (tentative name) medical graduate school

 On February 2024, 2, Shizuoka Prefecture announced the basic concept for establishing Japan's first independent medical graduate school, (tentative name) Medical Graduate University.

Kanazawa Seiryo University's community activity project student group produces a PR video that conveys the charms of Ishikawa Prefecture's public baths and autumn.

 Kanazawa Seiryo University provides assistance to voluntary student organizations that strive to solve local issues and engage in social contribution activities with the goal of ``facing the local community and learning from the local community.''

Future Planning Committee Recommends Gifu City Women's Junior College to Become a Coeducational Four-Year City University

 On February 2024, 2, the Gifu City Women's Junior College Future Planning Committee made a report on the future plan for Gifu City Women's Junior College.

Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology establishes task force for Noto reconstruction

 Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) is implementing regional innovation to support the recovery of companies in the Noto region of Ishikawa Prefecture, which was severely damaged by the Noto Peninsula Earthquake.

Tohoku Fukushi University, Faculty of Coexistence and Urban Development, Department of Coexistence and Urban Development is planned to be established in April 2025

 Tohoku Fukushi University will open a new ``Faculty of Coexistence and Urban Development, Department of Coexistence and Urban Development'' in April 2025 (planning for establishment is currently underway). In addition, the installation meter […]

Held in 9 districts nationwide! National 3 QUESTONS, an anonymous research poster presentation competition, starts in Hiroshima in March

 The International Institute for Advanced Study (Kizugawa City, Kyoto Prefecture, Director […]

Kitakyushu City University requests mayor to move new school building for Faculty of Information Innovation (tentative name) to central Kokura

 Kitakyushu City University Chairman Junji Tsuda and President Masato Yanai visited Mayor Kazuhisa Takeuchi at Kitakyushu City Hall and announced that they are planning to install the project in 2027.
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