The University of Tokyo and Kumamoto Prefecture have concluded a regional cooperation agreement that focuses on developing semiconductor human resources, regional development through the social implementation of cutting-edge knowledge, and exchanges between junior high and high school students and University of Tokyo faculty. This is the fourth time that the University of Tokyo has entered into a regional partnership agreement at the prefectural level, following Mie, Wakayama, and Fukushima.

 According to the University of Tokyo, the signing ceremony for the regional partnership agreement was held at Yasuda Auditorium in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo, where University of Tokyo President Teruo Fujii and Kumamoto Prefecture Governor Ikuo Kabashima signed the agreement and shook hands.
The projects promoted through the conclusion of the agreement are:
・Developing the semiconductor industry in Kumamoto Prefecture and training semiconductor human resources
・Regional development and solving regional issues such as disaster prevention and mitigation through social implementation of cutting-edge knowledge
・Developing junior high and high school students who can play an active role in the world and the region, and interacting with University of Tokyo faculty

 The University of Tokyo and Kumamoto Prefecture have a relationship between Governor Kabashima, who previously served as a professor at the Faculty of Law at the University of Tokyo, and since taking office as governor in 2008, the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Engineering has held special classes, and high school students from Kumamoto Prefecture have attended the University of Tokyo. We have been actively interacting with each other, such as by taking classes at the university.

 This collaboration agreement will not only develop this, but will also allow Kumamoto Prefecture to enter an era of major changes, including the expansion of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the world's largest contract manufacturer of semiconductors. This will help support the development of

reference:[University of Tokyo] The University of Tokyo and Kumamoto Prefecture conclude a regional partnership agreement - Contributing to responding to regional issues and building a vibrant and unique local society - (PDF)

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