List of articles on Future University-Hakodate

Future University Hakodate to start "Residence Special System" from 2024, full exemption from admission and tuition fees

 Future University Hakodate has implemented a special residency system to offer tuition fee reductions to undergraduate students starting in the 2024 academic year.

Efficient vehicle allocation by artificial intelligence, Venture by Future University-Hakodate

 Professor Hitoshi Matsubara, Vice President of Future University-Hakodate, is a venture to put into practical use a demand-type transportation system that operates in response to user requests […]

Future University-Hakodate is the highest award at entrepreneur Koshien

At the "Entrepreneur Koshien 2015", a national business plan contest sponsored by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, the university of Future University-Hakodate […]

AMD Award New Face Award for New Hairpin Device for Deaf People Future University-Hakodate

 Tatsuya Honda, a graduate of Future University-Hakodate (graduated from undergraduate school in 2013, completed master's course in 2015), is a general incorporated association Digital Media […]

Future University-Hakodate Marine IT Lab for the Regional Informatization Award

 At the "Regional Informatization Awards 2015" that contributes to regional revitalization of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, "Regional Revitalization by IT Fisheries" of Future University-Hakodate Marine IT Lab […]

Realization of Sakyo Komatsu's style with artificial intelligence, Future University-Hakodate

 "Sakyo Komatsu Library" (Kobe City), which manages the copyright of science fiction writer Sakyo Komatsu (1931-2011), is a public researcher of artificial intelligence […]