"Sakyo Komatsu Library" (Kobe City), which manages the copyright of SF writer Sakyo Komatsu (1931-2011), provided text data of all works to Future University-Hakodate, which studies artificial intelligence.It is said that it is difficult to write a feature-length novel using artificial intelligence, but a group of Professor Hitoshi Matsubara and others will use it as a material for analysis.

 According to Io (Tokyo), which Komatsu founded to produce the movie "Sayonara Jupiter," the text data provided is short stories in addition to feature-length novels such as "The Sinking of Japan," "The Loss of the Capital," and "The Endless Flow." It covers a wide range of topics such as novels, essays, coverage records of the Great Hanshin Earthquake, the 1970 Osaka Expo, and the "Giant Project Moving" that spelled out the 1990 International Flower and Greenery Expo.

 Since 2012, the group of Professor Hitoshi Matsubara and others has been conducting research to make artificial intelligence create short stories by analyzing 1926 works by Shinichi Hoshi (1997-1,000), who is said to be the god of short stories.This project is planning to announce a new work around 2017.
Since Mr. Komatsu's debut, he has been friends with Mr. Hoshi and admired his work and personality, so he provided Komatsu's work with a different coat color from Hoshi's work, and the bereaved family provided it to make use of it in artificial intelligence research. I offered.

 Programs for shogi and go using artificial intelligence have already been developed, and it has become possible to quantify the superiority and inferiority of the arrangement of pieces and the situation according to the situation and select the hand that leads to victory.However, it is difficult to analyze and program human sensibilities like a novel, and it is said that the longer the feature, the more difficult it becomes.The bereaved families of Mr. Komatsu, who runs the library, are hoping that artificial intelligence will complete the unfinished work "Void Corridor."

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