Tatsuya Honda, a graduate of Future University-Hakodate (2013 undergraduate, 2015 master's course), is the 21st AMD Awards sponsored by the Association of Media in Digital (AMD), and is the newcomer Naomi Enami Award. The award ceremony was held at the Meiji Kinenkan in Tokyo on March 2016, 3.

 The AMD Award is a contest held for the purpose of improving the quality of digital works and promoting human resource development from the standpoint of the creator of digital content, which is regarded as the core of the development of the Japanese content industry.Digital content released or announced each year over the past year is subject to review, which reviews outstanding works or services and honors the achievements of the individual or group of their creators.

 The Naomi Enami Award (Rookie Award) is given to people who are recognized as having contributed to the development of the industry, as their achievements and other achievements make their debut at the forefront of the industry.Mr. Honda, who received the award, has been working on the development of a new device "ONTENNA" for deaf people since he was a student at Future University-Hakodate. "ONTENNA" is a hairpin-type device that converts sound into vibration and light intensity to make it feel like hair, and was evaluated as a product that gives new hope to deaf people all over the world.Mr. Honda's "ONTENNA" development was adopted by the Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA) "Unexplored" project, and was also certified as a "super creator" given to those who achieved outstanding results. I am.

 In addition, the 21st AMD Awards Grand Prize / Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award has been awarded since the opening of the park, which has about 1270 million people, actively incorporating Japan's world-class entertainment such as "Monster Hunter" and "Attack on Titan". It was "Universal Cool Japan" by USJ Co., Ltd., which recorded the highest number of visitors in the year.

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