Yamaguchi University article list

Waseda University and Yamaguchi University develop microelectrode that can be mounted on contact lenses for multi-point retinal potential measurement

 A research group from Waseda University and Yamaguchi University has developed a small, transparent, and soft micromesh electrode that can be mounted on commercially available contact lenses.

Yamaguchi University and Yamaguchi Tokyo University of Science sign agreement to develop team medical skills

 Yamaguchi University School of Medicine and Yamaguchi Tokyo University of Science Faculty of Pharmacy are interdisciplinary collaborations where students aiming for different professions study in the same place, aiming to develop team medical skills.

Saitama University and Yamaguchi University succeed in visualizing the moment a plant senses a "smell"

 A research group led by Yuri Araya, a graduate student at Saitama University Graduate School, in collaboration with Yamaguchi University, is collaborating with Yamaguchi University to detect the ``smell'' emitted by plants that have been damaged by feeding, and to detect the odors emitted by neighboring plants […]

Yamaguchi University Faculty of Science, Department of Earth-Sphere Systems Chemistry receives an unusual award from the Japanese Society of Applied Geology, highly praised for its training of geotechnical engineers

 The Department of Geosystems Science, Faculty of Science, Yamaguchi University was highly praised for its training of geological engineers and received an award from the Japanese Society of Applied Geology.For the first time at university, I learned about soil quality and soil […]

Permian mass extinction caused by fire?Strata analysis at Yamaguchi University, etc.

 It is possible that land fires caused by volcanic activity and subsequent environmental degradation were the cause of the mass extinction that occurred at the end of the Permian period about 2 million years ago […]

The world's first report of a dermal sheet that promotes wound healing Effective for intractable ulcers

 A joint research group from Ehime University, Aichi Gakuin University, and Yamaguchi University has developed fibroblasts […]

Yamaguchi University discovers that Japanese giant hornets hijack beetle feeding grounds early in the morning

 Wataru Kojima, a lecturer at Yamaguchi University, said that a beetle occupying a sawtooth sap field at night was thrown down by a giant hornet early in the morning and […]

Yamaguchi University and others elucidate a part of the high-speed wound repair mechanism of fish

 The research group of Chika Okimura, a researcher at Yamaguchi University Graduate School, is a collection of cells related to fish wound repair in collaboration with the groups of Musashino University and the University of Tokyo […]

Rough skin in winter is improved by bathing in a hot spring, Yamaguchi University demonstrates with capybara

 Kengo Inaka, a graduate student of the Graduate School of Joint Veterinary Medicine, Yamaguchi University, and Professor Toru Kimura et al.

Discovered a large amount of plastic waste spreading on the deep sea floor off the Boso Peninsula

 In the world, more than 1,000 million tons of plastic waste flow into the ocean every year, of which only 44 tons float on the surface of the sea. […]
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