List of articles of the University of Tokyo

Grant-in-Aid for Southern Turkey Earthquake Comprehensive Survey 16 Institutions including the University of Tokyo Participate

 The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) received approximately 2 […]

University of Tokyo survey points out high intake rate of ``ultra-processed foods'' among young people and smokers

 A research group at the University of Tokyo investigated the relationship between the intake of “ultra-processed foods” and individual characteristics using data from a nationwide dietary survey for the first time in Japan […]

Giant and small mammals endemic to islands are at high risk of extinction The University of Tokyo

 It is known that the animals introduced to the island undergo a unique evolutionary process, to the extent that the island is called an "evolutionary laboratory." This is called "islandization." […]

One Career "University of Tokyo University of Tokyo 24 Job Hunting Popularity Ranking" Announced

 One Career Co., Ltd., which operates the job hunting site ONE CAREER, has announced the popularity ranking of 24 graduates of the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University for job hunting.Tone […]

The University of Tokyo and Teikyo University Conclude Comprehensive Agreement to Promote Collaboration and Cooperation in Research

 On March 2023, 3, the University of Tokyo and Teikyo University signed a comprehensive agreement to promote research collaboration and cooperation between the two universities.

Japanese people's "aversion to sexual activity" highlighted by national survey by the University of Tokyo

 Haruka Sakamoto, a specially appointed researcher at the University of Tokyo, and Peter Ueda, a visiting researcher at the University of Tokyo, conducted an online "National Survey on Japanese Sexual Behavior" […]

Inheritance of records of war damage and disasters, the University of Tokyo establishes a digital archive fund

The Hidenori Watanabe Laboratory at the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies/Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies has taken the opportunity of the 12th year since the Great East Japan Earthquake to create a digital art of war and disaster […]

The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Frontier Sciences Holds Public Symposium "Aging Control Design in the Era of 100-Year Life" Online

 The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Frontier Sciences will hold a public symposium on March 2023, 3 (Wednesday), titled “Aging control design in the era of 15-year life […]

The University of Tokyo reveals that the amount of antibacterial agents used in dairy farming is related to the emergence of drug-resistant bacteria

The University of Tokyo Graduate School and the Chiba Agricultural Mutual Aid Association have decided to provide dairy farmers in Chiba Prefecture with the aim of taking measures against drug resistance to antibacterial agents, which has become a global problem in recent years.

Voice actor Nozomu Sasaki publishes "Voice Actor Goes to the University of Tokyo: Two Years of Study Techniques Passed by Self-Study While Working"

 Nozomu Sasaki, a voice actor who became a hot topic after graduating from the University of Tokyo Faculty of Law in March 2020, describes his experience of entering the University of Tokyo in his 3s by self-study […]
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