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Meiji University POLARIS publishes current status survey and technical verification on "dual-use technology" on website

 “Meiji University Research and Intellectual Property Strategy Institute, Civil Society and Science and Technology Policy Research Institute (POLARIS),” which is represented by Professor Tadahiro Katsuta of the Faculty of Law, Meiji University […]

Report on the 7th result of the continuous survey of the awareness of workers under the spread of new coronavirus infection

 Professor Toshihiro Okubo of the Faculty of Economics, Keio University and the NIRA Research and Development Organization have announced that they will be teleporting in Japan under the spread of the new coronavirus infection […]

Ukraine invasion hits education, professor at Kieu Institute of Technology gives a lecture at Kwansei Gakuin University

 Kwansei Gakuin is a former visiting professor at the Faculty of Sociology, Kwansei Gakuin University, four months after Russia's invasion of Ukraine […]

"Thinking about the crisis in Ukraine now" Tokiwa University holds a public symposium

 Tokiwa University will hold a public symposium "Thinking about the crisis in Ukraine now" sponsored by the 5th Tokiwa University Institute for Social Safety Policy, May 2022, 5 […]

"Kyiv Ballet Support Charity BALLET GALA in TOKYO" to be performed at Showa Women's University on 7/5

 Showa Women's University will hold the "Kyiv Ballet Support Charity BALLET GALA in […]" to be held at the Hitomi Memorial Hall on July 2022, 7.

Lecture by Ukrainian artists held at Showa Women's University

 On May 2022, 5, Showa Women's University gave a lecture "Dream of Life […]" by Ukrainian contemporary artist Victoria Solotinsky.

Dialogue with Russian Scientists Needed to Promote Arctic Research Kobe University Contributes to Nature

 Kobe University Polar Cooperation Research Center needs to continue dialogue with Russian scientists even after Russia's invasion of Ukraine to promote Arctic research […]

Ukraine and Universities Universities move to accept Ukrainian evacuees One after another announces acceptance of free tuition

About two months have passed since Russia's invasion of Ukraine on February 2th.Ukrainian refugees who fled the country at the end of March […]

Sophia University begins accepting international students from Ukraine Support for travel expenses, exemption from tuition and dormitory fees, etc.

 At Sophia University, in collaboration with the General Incorporated Foundation Pathways Japan (PJ) and the International Christian University Foundation (JICUF), Russia […]
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