Diversity article list

The University of Tokyo to hire 300 female professors and associate professors to foster female leaders

 The University of Tokyo will launch a new initiative, “UTokyo Gender + Cooperative Reform #WeChange,” to develop female leaders.Faculty and staff, academic […]

Tokyo Institute of Technology to introduce 143 women's quotas for comprehensive and school recommendation selection

 Tokyo Institute of Technology has decided to set up a women's quota in the comprehensive type and school recommendation type selection from the 2024 entrance examination.Diversity that utilizes diverse human resources […]

Workshop to understand other people's "invisible pain" such as migraines and menstrual pain held at Keio University

 Eli Lilly Japan Co., Ltd., as a new development of the "Invisible Diversity PROJECT", which is jointly working with companies, local governments, and experts, [...]

What is spintronics? [Professor Hideo Ohno, President of Tohoku University]

 The shortage of semiconductors is casting a shadow over the manufacturing of automobiles and electrical products, but this is due to the delay in supply from overseas due to the corona crisis, while domestic manufacturing bases are shrinking […]

Japan Women's University Announces Diversity Declaration

 Japan Women's University, which has decided to qualify transgender women * from enrollment in 2024, is June 2022, 6 […]

Ritsumeikan University and Ochanomizu University, Diversity Cooperation Agreement

 Ritsumeikan University and Ochanomizu University have said that they will cooperate with each other by utilizing their human resources and information on the realization of a diversity research environment. […]

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare presents a form example, arbitrarily describing the gender of the resume

 The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has compiled and released an example of a resume format that changes the gender from a male-female selection formula to an arbitrary description. Considering sexual minorities such as LGBT […]

Osaka University, highest evaluation for sexual minority efforts index for 2 consecutive years

 Osaka University is the only university in the "PRIDE Index 1" that evaluates efforts for sexual minorities such as LGBTQ (* 2020) […]

Asako Ueki, President, Doshisha University-Providing flexibility to respond to major changes under conscience education-

Doshisha University will celebrate its 2025th anniversary in 150.Tomoko Ueki, who became the first female president (34th generation) in that long history.New model […]