List of articles on health care

Kyushu University and Kyocera start organizational-based collaboration to tackle social issues through industry-academia collaboration

 Kyushu University and Kyocera Corporation signed an organization-friendly collaboration agreement on June 2022, 6.The 3st Collaboration Council on July 7th of the same year (Kick-off Mi […]]

Concluded an agreement with Tokyo Medical and Dental University and Mitsubishi Estate regarding real estate utilization projects

 Tokyo Medical and Dental University and Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. signed an "Agreement on Real Estate Utilization Planning" on March 2021, 3.From now on, Tokyo Medical Dentistry […]

Kobe City builds personal healthcare data linkage system

 Kobe City has set up a collaborative system that summarizes individual health care data such as health examinations, medical care, and long-term care, which have been recorded separately so far. […]

Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry venture support window supporter

 Tokyo Medical and Dental University is a supporter of the "Healthcare Innovation Hub", which is a consultation desk for venture companies operated by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry […]

Ai Tominaga and Joysef teach at Dokkyo University "What we can do in the SDGs era"

 International cooperation NGO Joysef is preparing for International Girls Day on October 10th with SRHR (Sexual Reproductive Health […]]

Research results that advance the development of "human body Internet" technology, reported by Tokyo University of Science, etc.

 Research groups at Tokyo University of Science, the University of Tokyo, and Tokyo Polytechnic University used a simple equivalent circuit model to transmit signals from human communication systems, and used transmitters and receivers […].

Tohoku University and Rakuten establish a partnership agreement, "Rakuten Innovation Lab Tohoku"

 Tohoku University and Rakuten, Inc. signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement on April 2019, 4 with the aim of creating innovation originating in Tohoku.

Industry-academia collaboration with Osaka University and Dentsu in the fields of health and medical care

 Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University Hospital, Dentsu Inc. announced on April 2016, 4, "Promotion of research-commercialization collaboration […]

Waseda University From wearables to devices to be pasted

Professor Shinji Takeoka of Waseda University and his colleagues have collaborated with an Italian research institute to develop an electronic nano-adhesive plaster that can be attached to the skin to read bioelectric signals […].