On April 2016, 4, Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University Hospital, and Dentsu Inc. signed an "Agreement on Promotion of Research-Commercialization Collaboration".Through this agreement, we will promote innovation in the health and medical fields through industry-academia collaboration.

 The contents of the industry-academia collaboration between the two parties are mainly research promotion in the healthcare field utilizing "IoT", which is the Internet of Things and big data, commercialization support and demonstration projects, and health that contributes to extending healthy life expectancy. -Joint research on sports medical science, dissemination of research results to society, etc.

 The Kansai region, where Osaka University is located, has been designated as a National Strategic Special Zone in the field of health and medical care, and is expected to work on the emergence of multi-layered innovation.Among them, Osaka University conducts advanced research in the fields of regenerative medicine, medical device development, and sports, and Osaka University Hospital is an innovation as the only national university hospital in Japan as a core hospital for clinical research in the National Strategic Special Zone. I am doing activities.The conclusion with Dentsu this time is also part of this initiative.

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Osaka University is a research-based university with 11 faculties and 23 departments. Since its founding in 1931, with the motto of "living in the region and extending to the world," we have created an outstanding "foundation" and "power" that weaves advanced education and research capabilities, the harmony of faculty and staff, and the weight of tradition and the advantage of Osaka. I have.Taking advantage of these excellent potentials […]

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