Mental health article list

Omega-3 fatty acid intake during pregnancy is important for maintaining postpartum mental health Azabu University

 Research by Azabu University, the Independent Administrative Agency for the Promotion of Regional Healthcare Functions, Sagamino Hospital, and Ota Yushi Co., Ltd. has shown that taking alpha-linolenic acid during pregnancy […]

University of Tsukuba investigates relationship between deterioration in employee performance, depressive symptoms and unspecified complaints

 A Tsukuba study revealed that depressive symptoms and unspecified complaints such as loss of appetite and inability to sleep are strongly related to the decline in work performance of Japanese corporate employees.

University of Tokyo discovers that changes in psychological difficulties during adolescence are correlated with changes in brain electrical potential generation

 A research group at the University of Tokyo has revealed that the more psychological difficulties people experience during adolescence, the lower their ``mismatch negative potential'' […]

About 30% of high school girls feel lonely due to the corona crisis, Kinki University survey

 A research team led by Taku Takeda, Director of the Institute of Oriental Medicine, Kinki University, found that about 30% of high school girls felt lonely due to the corona crisis, and that loneliness and "second year high school" […]

Mental health measures are important to ensure the quality of sleep of top judo players University of Tsukuba

 A research group at the University of Tsukuba, with the full cooperation of the All Japan Judo Federation, investigated the quality of sleep of top judo players who participated in the All Japan Training Camp.

Prejudice and aftereffects of new corona infection affect psychological burden and work dysfunction, survey by Hiroshima University and others

 A research group at Hiroshima University Graduate School, Hiroshima Municipal Funairi Municipal Hospital, Miyoshi Central Hospital, and the Hiroshima Prefectural Infectious Diseases and Disease Control Center is investigating the novel coronavirus […]

Developed by Gifu University, a system that visualizes the mental health of university students

 The spread of the new coronavirus infection has not yet come to an end, and the impact on the mental health of university students has become a major social issue.Gifu University […]

Tweets show medical demand and mental health in war-torn Ukraine Tohoku University

 Since the start of the military invasion by the Russian army in February 2022, the deterioration of the living environment and health of the people of Ukraine during the war has become a serious concern.

Urban development that leads to improved mental health of middle-aged and older people Survey in Koto Ward and Matsuyama City

 Kusari Mohammad Javad, Associate Professor of Creative Society Design Research Area, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Waseda University Faculty of Sports Science […]

Children's anxiety prevention, short version of cognitive behavioral therapy is effective, Chiba University, etc.

 Specially Appointed Lecturer Yuko Urao at the Research Center for Child Mental Development and Education, Chiba University, Riko Yoshida Part-time Lecturer at the Graduate School of Medicine, Chiba University, Keio University […]
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