List of articles on regional revitalization

Kanazawa Seiryo University plans to open the Department of Regional Systems in the Faculty of Economics in April 2024 

 Kanazawa Seiryo University announced in April 2024 that it will establish a Department of Regional Systems within its Faculty of Economics (scheduled).Regional revitalization and sharing of regional values ​​[…]

Collaborated with Chukyo University Nishio Shinkin Bank's regional revitalization project through joint research, etc.

 Chukyo University collaborates on regional revitalization projects utilizing the Nippon Foundation's "My Town Fund" started by Nishio Shinkin Bank through joint research […]

Research on community-based issues as a team Kanazawa Institute of Technology holds briefing sessions by local government officials

 Kanazawa Institute of Technology is self-government of Nonoichi City and Kanazawa City regarding the research themes to be tackled in the compulsory subject "Project Design II (*)" in the first half of the second year […]

The Japan Association of National Universities announces future vision of national universities

The Japan Association of National Universities has published the "Action Plan for the Future Vision of National Universities" that summarizes the future of national universities in the new era. […]

Student research leading to regional revitalization, supported by consortium Toyama

Toyama (Toyama City), a university consortium created by universities, junior colleges, and colleges of technology in Toyama Prefecture, is a fieldwork by a group of students (local style […].

Regional Revitalization Promotion Project by the base university of the region (knowledge), 56 schools nationwide apply

Is it nationwide in the 2015 "Regional Revitalization Promotion Project by the Base University of the Earth (Intelligence)" that the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology solicited with the aim of eliminating the concentration of young people in Tokyo?

Strengthening research functions through university collaboration, new plan by the Japan Association of National Universities

The Japan Association of National Universities is a “national university general […] with the pillars of improving education and research functions through collaboration between universities and improving the environment for accepting female students and female teachers.