There were 2015 applications from all over Japan for the 56 "Regional Revitalization Promotion Project by the Base University of the Earth (Intelligence)", which was solicited by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology with the aim of eliminating the concentration of young people in Tokyo.A project to create attractive employment opportunities for students in collaboration with local governments and companies, and to subsidize universities to reform the educational curriculum necessary for human resource development required by the region. Selected by experts in August. The committee will review and publish the results.

The target of the project is national, public and private universities, junior colleges, and colleges of technology.According to the Ministry of Education, 37 national universities such as Kobe University and Yamagata University, 10 public universities such as Shiga Prefectural University and Okayama Prefectural University, and 2 private universities such as Tokyo Agricultural University and Tohoku Gakuin University during the reception period until the beginning of July. , Hakodate National College of Technology and Tsuyama National College of Technology have received applications from two national technical colleges.The offer of subsidy is expected to be in September.

This project is a development of the "land (knowledge) base development project" that has been promoted until FY2014, in order to nurture young people who will lead the regional industry, not just the development of the university that is the core of the conventional regional revitalization. , Local governments, companies, NPO corporations, private organizations, etc., to formulate plans aimed at creating local employment and improving the local retention rate of graduates, and implementing university education curriculum reforms.The ultimate goal is to increase the number of young people who remain in the community and work, and to eliminate the concentration of young people in Tokyo.The total amount of the grant is 44 billion yen.

With the declining birthrate, the declining population in rural areas is becoming more serious.The most painful thing is the outflow of young people to Tokyo, and the outflow of young people is concentrated when they go on to university and when they graduate from university and get a job.In order for students to remain in the local area and find employment, it is essential to deepen their relationship with the local area through classes and create employment opportunities in the local area. Most of them haven't produced any results.Therefore, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology decided to promote this project as a measure to promote industry and create employment by utilizing the specialized knowledge of the university.

Source:[Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology] Regarding the application status of the 27 "Regional Revitalization Promotion Project (COC +) by the base university of the region (knowledge)"

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