Kanazawa Seiryo University announced in April 2024 that it will establish a Department of Regional Systems within its Faculty of Economics (scheduled).Acquire the ability to consider and propose solutions that contribute to regional revitalization and co-creation of regional value, and develop human resources who will play a central role in creating a sustainable society.

 According to Kanazawa Seiryo University, the enrollment capacity for the Department of Regional Systems is planned to be 85 students.Utilizing data analysis methods to grasp the various issues facing the region from a multifaceted perspective, develop human resources who can lead to solutions, proactively work on solving regional problems and regional revitalization, Cultivate the practical ability to realize innovation.

 The curriculum includes the Mathematics, Data Science and AI Education Program (MDASH) and the Regional Economic Analysis System (RESAS). It is characterized by extracting and solving regional issues as "field activities".

 “Regional Economy/Regional Data Analysis Course” to learn specialized knowledge and economic analysis methods related to the regional economy, “Public Policy Course” to learn policies related to the future of the region from various fields, conservation of regional resources such as nature, culture, and history・Learn how to use it, divided into three courses of "tourism / regional management".

 Specifically, in the first year students learn the basics of economics and business administration, the basics of data collection and analysis methods, and the basics of field activities. Along with training your analytical skills, you will hone your communication and presentation skills in basic specialized seminars. From the third year onwards, students will participate in specialized seminars and apply the specialized knowledge and skills they have acquired to solve problems in collaboration with target regions and companies. In the fourth year, students will work on graduation research and return research results to society through policy proposals.After graduating, students can use their wide-ranging knowledge to find employment in a wide range of companies, including civil servants, regional finance, transportation and tourism-related companies, and IT-related companies.

reference:[Kanazawa Seiryo University] Department of Regional Systems (planned)

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