The Japan Association of National Universities has published the "Action Plan for the Future Vision of National Universities" that summarizes the future of national universities in the new era.As a higher education institution open to the global world, we have two points: securing diverse enrollees with excellent qualities and abilities, improving the acceptance environment, functional cooperation between universities, and jointly improving the level of education. , Education, research and social contribution functions will be further strengthened.
In the action plan, as the improvement of the basic functions of the national university, (3) create and pass on diverse knowledge that supports and develops national power, (XNUMX) promote applied research that leads to social returns, and drive innovation creation (XNUMX) nationwide and in each region. I mentioned three points: creating high-quality employment.

Of the two points, in "Securing diverse enrollees with excellent qualities and abilities and improving the acceptance environment", (2) improve the quality of education and research that meets diverse needs, and (XNUMX) provide diverse qualities with solid academic ability. Accepting high school and college graduates who have ③ Actively accept excellent foreign students and expand overseas dispatch of Japanese students ④ Improve the environment for accepting female students and female teachers ⑤ Accept international students and young people Our goal is to attract local people and contribute to regional revitalization. (XNUMX) Actively accept working people who seek re-learning.

In the other point, "functional cooperation between universities, improvement of education and research level through collaboration", (1) cooperation between universities, promotion of joint education, (XNUMX) cooperation between universities, joint network formation, He said that he would focus on promoting research (XNUMX) ensuring high mobility for students and researchers.
He also emphasized the need for structural reforms at national universities in preparation for social changes such as the declining birthrate.Positioning the national university as an indispensable base for the region, it is necessary to improve its functions in all fields such as education, research, and social contribution, and to draw a grand design for higher education in Japan.

The Japan Association of National Universities, in order to clarify the future vision of national universities and the direction of reforms, keeping in mind the long-term trends of Japanese society, in 2014, "National Universities Leading the World, Supporting the Development and Support of Regional and National Universities" The basic idea entitled "University" was announced as a statement by the chairman, and an action plan was being considered.

Source:[National University Association] Announcement of "Action Plan for Future Vision of National Universities" (9/14)

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