Article list of science girls

Factors influencing female students’ decision to enter science majors investigated by Shintaro Yamada D&I Foundation 

 The Shintaro Yamada D&I Foundation, a public interest incorporated foundation, has partnered with Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory LLC to develop a large […]

Yamada Shintaro D&I Foundation Invites STEM (Science) Women's Scholarship Subsidy Campaign 1st Round to Women's Party with Yukari Kono, who is appearing in "Todaioh"

 The Yamada Shintaro D&I Foundation will start recruiting STEM (science) girls from summer to autumn on July 2023, 7 […]

Tokyo City University Establishes ``School of Science and Engineering Women's Frame'' for 2024 Entrance Exam Comprehensive Selection

 At Tokyo City University, diverse perspectives and ideas are essential for the creation of new industries and innovation (technical innovation).

Yamada Shintaro D&I Foundation starts recruiting "STEM (science) girls scholarship grant" for current high school 1st and 2nd graders No repayment required, benefit amount 10 yen

 The Yamada Shintaro D&I Foundation has a lottery system (after the preliminary selection) that supports female high school students to choose science when choosing the humanities and sciences […]

Faculty of Engineering, University of Miyazaki to Allow Women in Entrance Examinations, Support Junior High School Students in Choosing Science

 The Miyazaki University Faculty of Engineering has decided to introduce a women's quota from the recommendation entrance examination to be held in the 2024 academic year.It is the first time for a national university in Kyushu, and in the field of engineering […]

Tokyo University of Science, from 2024 to establish women's quota for comprehensive selection

 Tokyo University of Science has decided to establish a new women's quota for comprehensive selection from 2024.The aim is to increase the number of students who challenge manufacturing from the perspective of women […]

Exchange meeting between Rikejo and companies representing Kyoto will be held at Kansai University on March 3

 On March 2023, 3 (Friday), Kyoto Prefecture, with the cooperation of Kansai University, will invite female university students and graduate students from science to represent Kyoto, such as Kyocera and Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. […]

"Girls, be ambitious! - Girls, aim for science" Showa Women's University will hold a symposium on October 10

 On Saturday, October 2022, 10, Showa Women's University held a symposium titled "Girls, be ambitious!

Recruit Begins Support for the University of Tokyo Metaverse Faculty of Engineering

 Recruit will be a platinum corporate member of the University of Tokyo Metaverse Faculty of Engineering, which will be held in September 2022, and will be a secretary company of the steering committee in 9 […]

The University of Electro-Communications, "Science of Music", an event to support girls' junior and senior high school students on July 7th

 The University of Electro-Communications will hold an event for high school girls on the campus of Chofugaoka, Chofu City, Tokyo on July 7th, "Takumi Girl Project 16" Sound [...]
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