List of articles on industry-academia collaboration

In an era where university recruitment has been suspended one after another and women's universities and junior colleges have strict conditions, why do high school students flock to small women's junior colleges?

It is still fresh in my memory that earlier this year, news broke that the traditional women's university would suspend recruitment.In recent years, due to the declining birthrate and diversification of social needs, […]

Kyoto Tachibana University-The power of digital natives drives the industrial world Information science and industry-academia collaboration project to give shape to "I wish it could be like this"

Kyoto Tachibana University is based on the Kyoto Women's Handicraft School founded in 1902.After many reforms, it is now a comprehensive institution of 9 faculties and 15 departments with fields of humanities, science and medicine […]

University of Tsukuba celebrates its 50th anniversary and opens a new base for industry-academia collaboration

 On the occasion of the University of Tsukuba's 50th anniversary, we have launched the "IMAGINE THE FU […]

Showa Women's University "Nakada Kenkyuushitsu" will hold an industry-academia collaboration design project exhibition for 4 days from April 28 (Friday)

 Showa Women's University Environmental Design Department Environmental Design Department Product Design Course presided over by Associate Professor Shiro Nakata "Nakada Kenkyuushitsu […]

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology survey to increase industry-academia joint research in 2021 by 3% compared to the previous year

 In 2021, 2 joint research projects were conducted by universities, junior colleges, colleges of technology, and inter-university research institutes nationwide with private companies […]

Serious "industry-academia collaboration PBL" jointly developed with about 20 companies.Opened up-and-coming business administration department for learning on a project basis

In April 2023, Otemae University plans to open the Faculty of Business Administration, tackling real corporate issues together with companies and challenging questions that have no right answer.Dizzying […]

Introducing "Beni Umemi" "JOSAI Collagen Yokan" devised by the Department of Medical Nutrition, Josai University

 October 2021, 10 "Yokan Day", Yokan "JOSAI Coller […] for athletes devised by the Department of Medical Nutrition, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Josai University

Otemon Gakuin University Brings Online Internship to Company and Development

 Otemon Gakuin University has been accepting students so far while the conventional internship has been canceled due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection […]

Shinshu University "Shinshu 100 Years Corporate Creation Program" Final Report Meeting Held on March 3

Shinshu University aims to create a "30-year-old company" that will lead the next generation of Nagano Prefecture as a model project of the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, which has been undertaken since June 6 […]

Meisei University and Dip launch a demo site through industry-academia collaboration and new business development experience

 Meisei University (Hino City, Tokyo) Faculty of Business Administration Tomohisa Ito Seminar is a dip stock that operates part-time part-time job information site "Baitoru" etc. […]