Kinjo Gakuin University (Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture) Faculty of Living Environment Department of Food Environment and Nutrition collaborates with Uokuni Sohonsha Co., Ltd. (Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture), which develops food service businesses such as companies, schools, and hospitals nationwide. Implement the project.The menu devised by the 4th grade of the department was sold at the head office cafeteria of an automobile parts manufacturer in Aichi prefecture on July 2017-7, 10.

 Since 2016, the Department of Food Environment and Nutrition has been working to support the health of workers through industrial meals through an industry-academia collaboration project with the Uokuni Sohonsha Headquarters.As part of that project, we are offering the menu selected in the "Future Dietitian Idea Recipe Contest" held on campus in 2016.When it was actually sold in the cafeteria, Uokuni Sohonsha made some improvements to match the operation system of the cafeteria of the same parts manufacturer.

 There are 150 types of sales menu: "Plenty of lycopene! Tomato de meat udon", "Sweet and vinegared chicken dumplings", "5g vegetable soup pasta", "Spicy eggplant miso noodles", and "Localo! Yurinchi bowl".Five students from the Department of Food Environment and Nutrition devised one type at a time.When the sale at the cafeteria started, the students rushed to cheer, saying, "For us who have a registered dietitian qualification after graduation and contribute to society, it was a valuable opportunity to hear the voices of our customers directly. I commented.

 The Department of Food Environment and Nutrition will continue to promote education that enhances students' abilities as registered dietitians through practical learning such as industry-academia collaboration.

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