Chukyo University (Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture) Faculty of Policy Studies Professor Takafumi Sakata Seminar, jointly with Imuraya Co., Ltd. (Tsu City, Mie Prefecture) and Yokkaichi Minami High School, Mie Prefecture, started a collaborative lecture with industry and high school in December 2016. .. The final "Proposal Presentation" was held on March 12, 2017.

 Sakata Seminar practices problem-based learning in which product planning, management, management, and marketing strategies are discussed using actual business cases and product planning is conducted through industry-academia collaboration.In the industry-high school-university collaborative lecture that started as part of high school-university collaborative education, with the cooperation of Imuraya, we have been working on product planning in collaboration with high school students. After elaborating the plan through three lectures and group work, at the final presentation, Mr. Hirohisa Nakamichi, Managing Director and Senior Executive Officer of Imuraya, was invited to propose products for the three teams at the university's Nagoya campus.

 At the beginning of the recital, Professor Sakata said, "I hope these four months will be a great learning place for high school and college students."In addition, Tatsuya Suzuki, principal of Yokkaichi Minami High School, said, "This inquiry activity was carried out as part of the" real experience "that we are doing as a high school. Not only university students but also students from 4 to 1 years are mixed. We are forming a team. It was a good initiative for the students to feel that they have grown through various experiences. "

 Students propose ice cream product plans for each team. Based on the concept of "ice for high school girls by high school students in Mie prefecture", a plan announcement was made such as "bite ice" that is less likely to cause hypersensitivity, focusing on the fact that there are many people with "hyperesthesia".Director Nakamichi highly appreciates the fun of each team's ideas and the uniqueness of the point of view, and advises them to differentiate themselves from competing products and use convincing data.The award for excellence was won by the team that proposed "bite ice cream".

 Finally, President Hitoshi Yasumura of Chukyo University said, "In this announcement, we were able to see the innocence of high school students and the support of university students. We will step up at each stage. It was wonderful to feel that, "he said, and the high school student was awarded a certificate of completion.

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