Mynavi Co., Ltd. operates a survey research and information dissemination site "Mynavi Advancement Research Institute" on the career choices of high school students. The results of the "Survey of Guardians on Career Paths for Children" have been published.1 valid responses.

 According to the survey, the information that parents want when choosing a career or school for their children is "types of entrance exams (39.4%)", "entrance exam schedules (38.3%)", and "employment records (31.1%)".In addition, the response rate for “tuition support and money (30.8%)”, “faculty name/department name/content to be learned in the department (30.6%)” and “qualifications to be obtained (28.8%)” was high.

 34.1% of the respondents said that they had no particular problems, and that they were worried about whether they would be able to afford the tuition fees. Survey) was 2020%, an increase of 3.1 points.

 When asked about the future "work" they want for their children, the most common response was "I want them to do a job that makes them feel rewarding," but compared to the previous survey (2020 survey), it decreased by 12.5 points to 39.9%. Diminished.This was followed by “I want a job that provides a stable income” (25.5%), an increase of 5.4 points from the previous survey.Given the impact of recent price hikes and an uncertain social background, it is thought that they want a stable future for their children.

 When asked how much they talk about their child's own career, 53.5% answered that they "talk" (total of "frequently (9.7%)" + "occasionally talk (43.8%)").45.8% of parents answered that they "know" the career they want to pursue (total of "well know (11.5%)" + "somewhat know (34.3%)")). became.

Reference: [Mynavi Advancement Research Institute] Parent survey on high school careers

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