On September 2023, 9, Meiji Gakuin University received approval from the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and announced that it will open a new science department, the Faculty of Information and Mathematics, in April 4, the first of its kind in science.

 Since its roots in 1863, when Meiji Gakuin University opened its Hepburn School, it has consistently aimed to provide the education needed by the times.This time, with the aim of realizing this education and expanding the scope of university education, we will establish Meiji Gakuin University's first new science department, the Faculty of Information and Mathematics.The field of information mathematics is rapidly developing and is a field in which social demands are increasing.The aim is to expand university education in line with social trends and expand the opportunities for graduates to play an active role.

 The Faculty of Information and Mathematics that will be established will be a faculty that will study trends in information technology from a mathematical perspective.In the field of information mathematics, new and flexible forms of education, such as classes using ICT and Project Based Learning (PBL), have been developed and are already beginning to be implemented.Meiji Gakuin University will also incorporate this type of education and, by combining it with the educational methods and content it has cultivated over the years, will develop classes that are further developed for the new era.

 The unique feature of the curriculum is that the courses in the 3rd and 4th years are categorized into ``Mathematics/Quantum Information'', ``AI/Data Science'', and ``Information Systems/Security''. Students will be able to choose which courses to focus on.We offer problem-solving PBL subjects in the third year to provide practical education that allows students to experience processes similar to those carried out in actual companies.

 The School of Information and Mathematics has been selected for support 5 of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's ``FY1 University and Technical College Functional Strengthening Support Project (Fund for strengthening the functions of universities and technical colleges that will drive growth fields)''.This project aims to develop highly specialized human resources who will drive growth fields such as digital and green, and is designed to be flexible and allow ambitious universities and colleges of technology to take predictable steps toward reform, such as converting faculties to growth fields. and provide continuous support.

[Outline of the new faculty “Faculty of Information and Mathematics”]
Faculty name: Faculty of Information and Mathematics
Department name: Department of Information and Mathematics
Student capacity: 1 students per year
Degree name: Bachelor of Science (Information Mathematics)
Campus: Yokohama Campus (Totsuka Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture)

Reference: [Meiji Gakuin University] Faculty of Information and Mathematics decided to open!

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