Waseda University will further develop the know-how of the university-wide sub-major ``Carbon Neutral Leader'' established for undergraduate students starting in 2022, and will establish the ``Graduate School Carbon Neutral Minor'' as a cross-disciplinary sub-major in graduate school starting in 2024. This will promote the development of outstanding doctoral students who will contribute to carbon neutrality.

 In 2018, Waseda University established a 5-year integrated science and engineering doctoral human resources development program under the "Outstanding Graduate School: Power Energy Professional Development Program (PEP)." In order to develop carbon-neutral human resources, in 2022 we will establish an interdisciplinary sub-major called ``Carbon Neutral Leader'' that can be taken by all undergraduate students, regardless of the boundaries between liberal arts and science majors.

 From 2024, we will establish a ``Graduate School Carbon Neutral Minor'' for master's and doctoral programs in order to develop even more highly specialized human resources throughout the university. (Scheduled to establish courses for doctoral courses from 2024 onwards).

 The ``Graduate School Carbon Neutral Minor'' was established by the Faculty of Science and Engineering and consists of four courses (Nano/Energy, Resources/Environment, ICT/Robotics, Mathematical and Physical Sciences) for students of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, and the Global Education Center. We have established a total of 4 courses, 5 courses (Lifestyle, International Relations, Economics/Business, Humanities/Interdisciplinary, and Public Policy) that can be taken up by any graduate student affiliated with Waseda University's graduate school, regardless of field. We will promote the production of doctoral graduates who can play an active role in the world and in companies.

 In particular, the five courses offered by the Global Education Center include a group of common subjects such as "Business Creation Exercise α" in which students build a business creation plan based on the social issues that companies actually face in the first semester, as well as elective subjects related to each course. Aim to acquire comprehensive knowledge by taking classes. In the second half, there will be ``Business Creation Exercise β'' (tentative name, scheduled to be established from 5), which is a more specialized version of ``Business Creation Exercise α'', and ``Long-term Internship'' (to gain practical experience in implementation and society). (tentative name, scheduled to be established from 2025).

 It has been decided that Japan's top companies in the megabanks, securities, consulting, real estate, etc. will participate in these curricula, and in 2024, we will collaborate with Mizuho Financial Group, PwC Advisory, Nomura Securities, Nomura Real Estate Development, and Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting to collaborate with Waseda University. Establish unique subjects. By completing the course, we aim to become doctoral candidates who can play an active role in the world and in companies.

Reference: [Waseda University] “Graduate School Carbon Neutral Minor” will be established as a cross-disciplinary graduate school minor from 2024

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