Amid calls for global warming and various climate changes that accompany it, the development of energy resources that can replace fossil fuels is required in order to curb the generation of carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas.The University of Tsukuba established the "Algae Biomass Energy System Development Research Center" on July 7 with the aim of putting algae biomass into practical use as an energy resource.

Center appearance (quoted from the source)

Center appearance (quoted from the source)

Algae biomass is carbon-neutral, has high oil productivity, and is expected to be a next-generation energy resource that hardly competes with food production unlike biomass energy derived from corn and sugar cane.In recent years, industrial applications in agriculture, the environment, chemical products, and medical / health fields have also attracted attention.However, that effort has just begun.In order to realize practical application and creation of new industries, we will shift from conventional biology-centered research to interdisciplinary research, expand cooperation with domestic and foreign experts and companies, and conduct international research. The Algae Biomass Energy System Development Research Center was established as a base for human resource development.

The establishment of this center is the first of the "Development and Research Center" system established as a new organizational category of the University of Tsukuba. The "Development Research Center" actively promotes joint research and development in academic fields with high social demands, using external funds as business operating expenses, in order to promote social return-type research and promote innovation creation. It is an organization that builds a joint research system between industry, academia and government.
The Algae Biomass Energy System Development Research Center plans to develop renewable energy systems and apply them to algae biomass wastewater treatment technology, agricultural feed, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.

* Carbon neutral
In environmental chemistry terms, the concept that carbon dioxide emitted and absorbed in a series of human activities is the same amount.

Source:[University of Tsukuba] Established Algae Biomass Energy System Development Research Center

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